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Resources & FAQs

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  • How do I order?
    No transactions are to take place through SST, this is one of the multiple reasons why we do not allow private messaging (PMs) on our board. To properly open a line of communication with a source, you will need to create either a Protonmail account or Tutanota email account. These accounts offer end to end encryption, meaning that messages you send from Proton to Proton, or Tutanota to Tutanota, will be encrypted. Please use the same service as the source is that you intend to use (consider making both). Some sources have their own websites with internally encrypted communications, often these sources also offer an encrypted email address to send communications to.

    Before you navigate to the website and select ‘sign up’, you can create a fresh recovery email such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to attach to your encrypted email. Activating two-factor authentication (2FA) on all your accounts is highly recommended. It is also highly recommended to use an email address unassociated with your community name. This makes it extremely easy for you to be phished by a third party and is a frequent origin for scams by individuals pretending to be the legitimate source.

    After creating an encrypted email, you are ready to open a line of communication with your source. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CONTACT EMAIL. As stated above, it is common for scammers to attempt to intercept your payment to the source by using a very similar contact email to the source. Always double-check contact address when opening a line of communication with a source, AND when sending payment.

    Unless otherwise stated in the source thread, the typical appropriate correspondence goes as - Your Order > Source Confirms Order & Total / Payment address > You Send Payment/Blockchain Confirmation/Shipping Information > Source Confirms Payment receipt and Shipping Information. Email communications will typically cease at this point unless there is an issue. (See below for follow up)

    Tracking/Customs Seizures & Order Followup


    After an order is placed, due to opsec and individual operation it is typically up to a source whether they will send you tracking information or not. If you reside within the US, it is advised you sign up for USPS Informed Delivery. When a label is created for your address, the website will update and give shipping information according to USPS scans. If you’ve ordered international and the source has provided you tracking information, many community members opt for 17track.

    Please remember that all tracking is subject to the package actually being scanned. If it’s a busy time of the year (Christmas, Chinese New Year, a pandemic), the package may not be scanned but still be moving to you.

    Customs and Seizures

    Many questions can be posed about letters sent by customs regarding seizures. Typically, you’ll not have an issue if ordering domestically. If you do have a pack seized, it can take a few weeks to receive a letter notifying you, or you may never even receive one at all. You may see in tracking the package being held up for an extended period of time at customs, and it still arrives perfectly. You may even receive a pack that looks beat to shit with a handwritten love letter on it without any prior notification because customs are monsters and the only thing they are consistent at is being inconsistent and scaring the shit out of everyone.

    What a custom seizure letter (love letter) means can be a variety of things but the bottom line is that there is an inherent risk involved with ordering illegal drugs off the black market, and this is one of them. If you’re ordering an amount of gear or raws for personal use, the cause for concern is minimal. History shows that LE is rarely concerned with the end-user, and the package contents are only yours if you claim them. Anyone can send you anything if they have your name and address. Deny, deny, deny. The decision to continue ordering internationally after a seizure notification is entirely individual and situational, and only you can make that decision.

    The seizure letter will likely prompt you for a response should you choose to contest the seizure, obviously ignore this. If the source you’re using has a reshipping policy, take a picture of the seizure letter and toss the letter.

    Order Follow-Up

    Once your order has been placed and the payment confirmed, communications with the source are typically ended. It is advised that you ‘set and forget’, as prodding the source for daily updates on your order will only serve to slow them down at best and irritate them enough to ignore you or stop doing business with you at worst. Be patient, many sources offer an estimated T/A on their source thread, and many community members regularly update T/A in the T/A subforum. Use this information to gauge whether or not there is a legitimate need to contact the source individually. Sometimes a logistic issue, life issue, or other issues may arise that are addressed publicly that will satiate the same questions you’re looking to have answered. Please use common sense and all available resources to help expedite your order and improve your experience with your source.

    Crypto, Western Union, Moneygram

    The first step in being able to purchase crypto currency is to have a wallet. A wallet is where you will store your purchased crypto, and where you’ll use to make payment should you choose to use crypto. There are a few different types of wallets, but for the sake of basics we’ll just stick to web based wallets that can contain Bitcoin.When picking a wallet, ensure the wallet holds the crypto currency you wish to use and that your source accepts (Ethereum, BTC, Lite Coin, etc.). Web based wallets such as Electrum are extremely popular as you are not chained to a physical device such as a USB key, and the wallet can easily be accessed from multiple devices as long as you retain your seed. Other options such as Cashapp and Coinbase exist that serve as a wallet and marketplace, allowing you to complete most of your transaction in one location. It is growing increasingly difficult to purchase cryptocurrency completely anonymously, though it is still possible through peer to peer exchanges.

    If you do not wish to use a wallet linked below or your own, you may use the ‘official’ wallet selector tool from Bitcoin to explore additional options.

    After creating a wallet that can hold the desired currency, you’re ready to purchase crypto. Depending on the wallet and platform you choose, you should see the ability to ‘send’ and ‘receive’ crypto. The address that you receive from a source, and the address that you see when clicking ‘receive’ will not be the same for each transaction, and will need to be reattained each time you wish to make a new transaction. IE, each time you want to purchase crypto you will need to come back to your wallet and use the new wallet address that has been generated, and the payment address you receive from the source will be unique each time. Always double check these addresses and verify the email from the source which you are about to send payment to.

    Many crypto currency markets exist from which you may purchase crypto, and all will require varying degrees of verification of identity and thus most are currently regulated by the government in some capacity. Some members choose to ‘wash’ their crypto from the original wallet they received it from into another wallet, but this is up to you and your individual security preferences (though this is HIGHLY recommended when using a wallet attached to a marketplace, such as Cashapp). Currently, most markets will require you to submit a picture ID and photo verification that you are the person on the ID that is creating the marketplace account. It may take up to a few days to verify your account on the marketplace you wish to use, so create your account in advance. These marketplaces are often the most ‘fair’ in terms of fees, but all vary in their cost so be sure to check. BTC ATM’s offer a more anonymous form of purchasing crypto, but anymore these ATMs still use cameras to record who is at the ATM, even if they don’t require you submit some form of identification or sign up with your cell phone. ATM’s also tend to hold very steep transaction fees. A link to a few different marketplaces and a crypto ATM locator can be found below:

    Users are advised to be wary of sources that use vanilla reload cards for payment. Vanilla Reload cards are not a very safe form of payment for sources, as they can be traced back to the source. LE can simply send a source one of these cards and wait to see where it was used. So if you see somebody claiming to be a source using these cards, ask yourself this "Why would this source willingly put themselves at risk?" After all, LE isn't going to hunt down somebody that isn't even selling drugs.

    Do not under any circumstances allude to any sort of product purchase when sending payment via Western Union or Money Gram. NONE. Not even, "oh I'm buying cake". You are not BUYING anything, you're helping out a crippled kid with knobbed knees and no ID who needs surgery.

    Don't use a fake or assumed name on the money form. If shit goes wrong (your error, clerk error) you just lost your money and you are not getting it back. Also, fake names come with way heavier charges than buying drugs when you start sending money through wire. Wire fraud, anyone? Money laundering anyone?

    Make certain that the clerk enters everything correctly. If you are asked to opt-out of ID and instead use a test question, then triple-check that the clerk did it properly.
    You don't need to be rude, but gently remind them that your cousin lost his license and won't be able to receive it if they don't opt-out of ID.

    Don't act fishy. You are involved in an illegal transaction but you can still be a human and speak to the clerk about their day, about why they lock up infant formula behind the counter, about the fucking weather. Act natural and human. It makes things go better and doesn't make the clerk feel like picking up the phone and reporting you after you leave.