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Source Information

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  • Becoming a source

    Becoming a source on SST is a fairly simple process and begins with you contacting the mod staff at “[email protected].” An application will be given upon inquiry with our requirements. Acceptance to source on the board is not guaranteed. As we are not a sponsor board we will look at things such as community need and safety, application data, etc. It is at 100% mod discretion to add or deny any source to service the users on SST.

    Source Verification Process

    Bloodwork provided to the site will verify a source so long as the thread is not deleted and can be linked-to in the future for newcomers to be able to see first hand that the source did have bloods posted. Deleted threads don't do any good if they can't be found later. Labmax is not accepted on SST. A ratio of 3:1 of good:bad bloods is required to be maintained to achieve and hold onto "verified" status. New sources must achieve 6 month’s time on the board and this ratio to move from “Unverified” to “Verified.


    In regards to giveaways, users should be wary of gear given to them specifically for testing. An eager source may want to become verified as quickly as possible, and that's okay. But it is entirely possible a source has given you gear that is properly/over-dosed while selling everyone else bunk products. Any verification that was done with free gear will be looked at with scrutiny.

    Requests for Information from Sources

    While we encourage all users to assert their discretion when ordering from new sources, we will not tolerate the berating of sources by members to provide images of equipment, stock, or their production environment. We aim to strike a balance between vetting of potential sources, protection of the community, and respect for the OPSEC of all. The moderation team makes an effort to inquire about production and verify any claims, equipment, and stock, often beyond reasonable expectation.

    This should give our users some degree of assurance that their interests with regards to safety are being taken into consideration, while we also seek to ensure that sources do not have to reveal any more information about their operation than necessary.

    SST has consistently connected dozens of high-quality, reliable, and long lasting sources with its user base. While the nature of the subject matter can certainly attract fly-by-night operations, we believe that we possess and employ the required safety mechanisms to catch and deter low quality sources before they ever reach our community.

    Curiosity is neither discouraged nor forbidden, however we ask that members yield to the discretion of sources as to how much information they wish to share about their operation. Should sources wish to disclose certain information, or submit proof of equipment and stock to their prospective customer base, they may always do so. However in the interest of security, we will not allow for these inquiries to degrade into mudslinging should sources deny such requests. If users have immediate concerns we ask that they forward them to the moderator team at [email protected] as soon as they are able. We will be in touch as needed.