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  1. L

    Should I tell my primary TRT doctor about extra Test I use?

    I'm new here, I hope this question hasn't already been covered or isn't obvious, but here goes... About I year ago I go into the doctor for a some muslce weakness complaints (50 year old Male, never done any gear). My total testosterone was 130, so the Doc is like you need TRT ASAP. So away we...
  2. evojay564$


    Hey, do any of you guys know what's good with Pareto? Are they back up and running yet or are they still down? I've been using pharma test for TRT but am looking to run a new mini cycle. An answer back without trying to be a forum keyboard warrior would be lit. Thanks
  3. T

    Posting reviews soon - or complaints lol

    Obligatory new user post, bullet point style 30-40 age range, 6ft, 135lbs (yes actually 135lbs, <10% body fat) Used to be 155lbs (still lean) but have been slowly losing muscle despite consistent exercise and 50+g protein/day Super low energy this past year, decided to check my test Got bloods...
  4. O

    Needle Recommendations

    I've been using Fluringe for my TRT with MCT - they work okay when pinning oils etc, but i am looking for an upgrade in bulk if any such thing exists. I looked on Amazon, and there are people who give good to mixed reviews on various syringes with needles but again, mixxed. Some people say you...
  5. O

    Another fking newbie

    Happy Saturday to everyone around the world on this forum. I'm in the United States. I'm a 40 something-year-old male who is looking to improve his fitness journey. I am looking for guidance and probably lurking in your comments to learn from what others are saying. I have been on TRT for a...
  6. P

    Just curious about…

    How many of us primates would be interested in an Dihydrotestosterone transdermal lotion because for whatever reason it’s not something easily found?…so I’m just wondering why sources don’t tend to carry it? I understand because Drostanolone is more anabolic than stanolone, but from what I’ve...
  7. S

    Somewhat new to PED’s need advice

    What up everyone. Like the top says I’m somewhat new to all this. I need some advice on how to properly cycle my test E 300. I’ve been running 500 test e for about 6 months and I’m wondering if there is any value in blasting and cruising test? I just want to make sure I’m doing what is healthy...
  8. L

    Help! Feeling Off!

    Had bloods done because I was having a bit of transient insomnia (waking too early, unable to go back to sleep), racing thoughts, irritability, etc. I was doing the following: Weeks 1-3: 210 mg test C (TRT) + 150 IU HCG ED Weeks 4-5 420 mg test C (testing a blast) + 150 IU HCG ED I got this...
  9. T

    Quit TRT Need guidance regarding PCT protocol Please and thank you

    I recently decided to get off Trt, I had some HCG and Clomid 50mg on hand I am taking clomid 50mg 1 pill everyday since july 28th, I was only on Trt for about 3ish months. I'm hoping to get my natural test level back in order Any suggestions regarding how I can bring back my natural test levels...
  10. T

    TRT + Anavar No0b Log

    First time taking var. Have taken Halo about 8 years ago, but didn't take diet seriously. I still made pretty good gains. This time is different and I will illustrate what I am doing below! Stats 6'1, 190lbs, and approximately 20% bf when I started Rebounded off a breakup with my girlfriend...