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Synergy Forge Test E 200mg/wk 1,184ng/dl 5.9x


Apr 1, 2019
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Link to Bloodwork
Source@Synergy Forge
Test Ester RunningEnanthate,
Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg)200Mg
Other Compounds in CycleDeca Durabolin
Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg)100 Mg
Weeks Run6
Draw Time from Last Pin40
Blood Results
Testosterone Reading in ng/dl1,184ng/dl
Testosterone Multiplier5.9x
Test Capped at 1500? No
Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml37pg/ml
Liver/Lipids Elevated? No
Anything Else Goes Below
Kidney values are of concern. It's never been out of range. I was fasted and dehydrated during draw, eat hella protein and lifted hard the day prior. I ordered a cystatin C test and full kidney panel to confirm results before I see my PCP. Type 1 Diabetic so high fasted blood sugar. I was running 100mg of deca during time of draw to see if it made a difference in my joints but discontinued it recently.