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Consider Helping out

Feb 9, 2023
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Picked up all the gear I've gotten that wasn't prescribed from this board from the start, I'd like to see this thing thrive and stay solid. I'll pitch next order, that will be the next time I have crypto ready to go or I'd do it now. Good to see a sense of community and structure


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Mar 27, 2024
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Hello all, I don’t venture out of my thread much, preferring to keep a low profile, but I would like to ask all of the customers here if they would consider donating 5 dollars to the site every time they have a successful order. I realize that not everyone can do it and there are some that won’t do it, but the guys that run this site vet every source here rigorously for your protection. They also monitor continued behavior to continue those protections. So we all benefit in some way, is it worth 5 bucks a cycle?

Recently the site went down because of some fees that weren’t paid. It was only down about 30 minutes I believe but I got more than a few emails from customers making sure everything was OK. I spoke with @“CaptainAmerica” and found out that there was no funds for the site and that breaks my heart. So I have reached out to all the sources and asked them to give a little every month, just as I am asking the customers. No funds go in their pockets, it is 100% used for administrative purposes.

We are all a band of brothers and sisters here sharing a common benefit. Lets make sure the site stays up, as well as up to date and impervious of hackers> Please give a shout out below if you are willing. And the next time you make an order ask your source: Are you giving back to our community?
If successful I will double it,