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Colonial test e and tren e


I've been pinning colonials teste e 250 at 375mgs and tren e 200 at 200mgs a week. Half of each dose every 3.5 days for about 7 weeks now. About 2 weeks in I started getting the morning woods, and sleep/energy started to increase. During week 3 and 4 I had a general overall good feeling, better moods (mostly, besides a enhanced irritation some times), weight had increased a little bit both on lifts and body, and the vascularity started to become more prominent. Week 5 is really when the aggression started becoming really noticeable but nothing crazy. The last 2 weeks my body has really recomped shed a little fat put on some good muscle, the vascularity though, ughhh I love it and so does my girl haha Week 6 I went and got bloods, their was a big issue with that though ended up being their 3 hrs and then got the results only to find out my drs nurse didn't put the right ones in so im going back sometime this week to get the right ones. My total test came out a little less then 2200, this has been my best response rate I have ever had personally. I've used colonials gear multiple times and i am always more then satisfied with every aspect of dealing with him. Ordering is super simple, communication is always on point, I have never had faster t/a, and the gear is always high quality with no pip. Overall I couldn't be more satisfied with him and highly recommend.