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  1. D

    Adractim/DHT gel sources

    Looking for legit DHT gel sources (international) any % is fine preferably standard 2.5%
  2. P

    Just curious about…

    How many of us primates would be interested in an Dihydrotestosterone transdermal lotion because for whatever reason it’s not something easily found?…so I’m just wondering why sources don’t tend to carry it? I understand because Drostanolone is more anabolic than stanolone, but from what I’ve...
  3. T

    DHT gel or cream. Any sources out there?

    Looking to get DHT cream or gel if anyone has a source on here it would be much appreciated.
  4. K

    Mental Effects and Feeling of Well-being of Primobolan vs. Masteron?

    Hello everyone, There seems to be a lot of disparity regarding the mental effects of these two compounds. I have searched several forums and Reddit on the mental effects of Masteron and Primobolan. It seems that most people say that Masteron has a stronger effect mentally, on aggression, and...