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    Tren Libido, Prostate Swelling and Health

    Hey guys I was doing some research and prostate massaging is supposed to be good for your health, figured I try it out. Ideally we would all just find some MILF or other whore with prostate milking experience to get the job done. Unfortunately at five foot nine inches tall I don't get any swipes...
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    Penis enlargement

    Hey guys Apparently I'm expected to spend hours a day stretching, pumping, and desensitizing my dick. Invested in a penis pump. Complete waste of money. My erection quality is shit and it just makes my dick all mushy WTF is this? There's so many YouTube videos and internet posts of...
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    Free HGH

    Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that my mailbox is now accepting free HGH kits.
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    Viper Flexxx

    Communication was on point, never more than 12 hours between replies, ended up not shipping next day as stated but that's fine, I got a great deal on quality products and understandable that he was very busy with the generous sale. He even offered a free item of choice on my next order, so...
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    Viper Labs Viagra

    That has a nice ring to it. Popped one in upon arrival (50mg) and chewed it up. Definitely the same bitter soapy Viagra taste I'm used to. Not a good taste but good verification. About ten minutes later I noticed increased blood flow to my nether regions, and in combination with the tren libido...
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    Strength Gains and Losses on Anabolics

    Hey guys, just wanted to go over some detailed progress information for everyone out there regarding strength gains on Anabolics So, my first cycle was a prohormone cycle called vitamin X. 8 weeks. A bunch of DHT stuff I went from 210 BW with these lifts 275ish bench/ 405 squat / 475 deadlift...
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    Just want everyone to know that anyone who has ever lied about steroid use, dose, time on/time off, etc... Everything you've ever done and anything you'll ever do will never and has never counted. You're just a lying phaggot and you should kill yourself. Sincerely, The truth
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    How big is your penis? (Kinda homo) (bonus information)

    Just wanting to post a thread here discussing the physical dimensions of the average male genitals. Firstly, my penis is roughly 6 inches instertable length and around 5 inches girth. Not a bad measurement, not too big and that's what's important to me. Who wants some huge dong that you can't...
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    DTLS' Mutation Log

    Hey guys! DTLS here! Just came off a good 6 month hiatus. Did some naughty party drugs and partied away many gains lol. Did some bodyweight stuff between November and last month, maintained decently but didn't have weights to hit so posterior took a hit. ran a ten day stack of yk11 and...