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    BiopharmaUSA 400mg/wk test E 3000ng/dl

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source @BioPharmaUSA Test Ester Running enanthate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 400mg Other Compounds in Cycle npp, EQ Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 400NPP, 500EQ Weeks Run 6 weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 48 hours Blood Results...
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    Bloodwork timing

    If this was in the wiki and I missed it I apologize but I’m currently running test e/npp/primo e so I am pinning everything ED. Do I need to stop pinning the test ED and switch to every 3.5 days then gets bloods within 48 hours for it to count as approved bloods? I’d rather not change my...
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    Biopharma USA Test C 175mg/wk 976ng/dL

    Link to Bloodwork Source BioPharmaUSA Test Ester Running Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 175mg/wk Other Compounds in Cycle N/A Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) N/A Weeks Run 5 weeks Draw Time from Last Pin 72 hours Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 976 ng/dL...
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    Test/npp/primo (first time with nand)

    Planning on running 300/300/400 test/npp/primo and had a few questions. So I’ve heard keeping e2 in check should also keep prolactin under control, is this a myth or person dependent? P5P and caber will be on hand but p5p should suffice with 300 nand? Trying to make some pretty drastic...
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    Colonial dhb

    I was super curious about DHB but terrified of the pip stories but colonials dhb has little to no pip for me. Even a small dose of 150mg has gone a long way, new bench pr at a 1k cal deficit and I have to kill myself in the gym just to feel any kind of fatigue after a workout, it’s only the 3rd...
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    Low dose dhb

    Thinking about adding 100-200 mg dhb to my 250/350 test/primo blast. Anybody have experience with dhb that low and notice any benefits?
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    Colonial primo/anavar

    Colonial pulls through every time, ever since adding primo during my cut I’ve literally lost just 2 lbs but am wayy leaner than I was before adding it in 5–6 weeks ago. Their var makes me think the var I ran earlier this year was bunk, 30 mg had me way more vascular and 60mg so far has shoulder...
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    Cutting on primo

    So I’ve been cutting for about a month and just added primo a this past Friday, at the same time I’ve dropped calories by 300 and increased cardio to 30 minutes from 25 and I’ve gained 3 lbs since doing that, does primo add glycogen weight? I know it’s very early but just curious, usually never...
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    Primo & E2

    So my e2 gets up to 237 pg/mL on 500mg test would it be safe to say a 1:1 ratio of test/primo wouldn’t tank estrodial or possibly even primo slightly higher? I know it’s mostly person dependent but was curious how others have ran primo with e2 around that range.
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    Masteron vs dhb look

    Planning a lower dose blast this summer mainly just for cosmetic effects, I was originally planning maybe 350 test/mast mostly because it’s my second cycle and I want to add npp into that combo later this year for a bulking cycle, BUT lately I’ve been curious about dhb but the only reason I...
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    Low responder?

    1613ng/dL total test, 584.5 pg/mL free test on 700mg/wk test prop from colonial, I was thinking my previous source under doses my test but after trying colonial there was only a 300+ increase in total test so I’m assuming I’m either a low responder but I was told that my free test is actually...