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    Tren Libido, Prostate Swelling and Health

    Hey guys I was doing some research and prostate massaging is supposed to be good for your health, figured I try it out. Ideally we would all just find some MILF or other whore with prostate milking experience to get the job done. Unfortunately at five foot nine inches tall I don't get any swipes...
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    Yes dude haha I was two days into it and I rushed up to Walmart for potassium pills after the gym because I was cramping, seized up and folded over in the parking lot like three times lmfao
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    I threw his cookie cutter candy ass on the ignore button lmao
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    Penis enlargement

    Hey guys Apparently I'm expected to spend hours a day stretching, pumping, and desensitizing my dick. Invested in a penis pump. Complete waste of money. My erection quality is shit and it just makes my dick all mushy WTF is this? There's so many YouTube videos and internet posts of...
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    Free HGH

    Lol, I wish
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    Colonial Labs - bloods discussion

    Lastly, we can adjust for different factors like; the steroid oil may be stuck in a scar tissue pocket and metabolizing slower. Also how long after pinning did you pull bloods?
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    Colonial Labs - bloods discussion

    We've seen this happen several times on eroids, and with other sources like southern compounding here. It really is too bad.
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    Colonial Labs - bloods discussion

    It's not uncommon that quality of gear changes in UGL sources, unfortunately. I'd go as far as to say that 3/4 of the suppliers I've used are half dosed, which is why I have no qualms about my dosing protocols. The one time I forked over the money (nearly three times the cost) for pharma...
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    Lots of people use proviron and Viagra for quality of life benefits, and if you aren't wanting to stick a needle in your ass it's my reccomendation. Halotestin at 5mg also works well. If you are considering a reasonable low side effect approach to raising your testosterone levels...
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    Free HGH

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    Free HGH

    Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that my mailbox is now accepting free HGH kits.
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    How exactly do HGH kits work?

    I've had both HGH kits that were lypholyzed (dry powder vials) and already constituted in liquid. Watch out for the "200iu" kits. Usually some asshole trying to sell 100iu kits and pass them off as double dosed. Only retards fall for that shit. Anyways, generic blacktops are alright but the...
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    I love anadrol. Spikes my gyno titty every time but I love the stuff. Like tony huge reccomends, I think 10 days of Anadrol as a kickstart or plateau buster is the way to go. If you can run it with minimal sides then take it as you wish.
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    Am I Unintentionally Trans-ing Myself By Using Nolva No AI? *semi-srs*

    Estrogen is probably high, not the worst thing in the world IMO. Just adjust your nolva and aromatizing compounds as needed. You can clearly see what sides you are getting what you have done to prevent them in times past and it's up to you to something about it.
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    Shipping to Jano

    Pretty sure jano loves in Russia man
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    Best compound to add overall mass

    Honestly dude any anabolic combined with enough food and workouts in the gym will net results. As a general rule wet compound's add more weight and dry ones are cleaner. My personal favourite is test tren EQ and an oral. Growth hormone if you can afford it. Tren is also going to, in most cases...
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    Never have gotten tren cough. Anyone else?

    I slowly developed more phlegm production for sure from using tren and while on tren. The only time I've experienced the dreaded tren cough that happens right after you inject was with tren base. Shit felt like lava going in and you get this itch in your lungs that turns into a terrible...
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    New to Blends (Need Help on Protocols)

    I've consider this blend before, I'd probably just run 1-2cc 1-2x per week. Add in TRT testosterone and should be gtg.
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    Clen makes me jittery as fuck. I hate it. I've only ran it for a few days at a time before and yeah it's super uncomfortable. I've used pharma grade from Europe and research quality stuff. Terrible terrible cramps after the second day both times. Just overall not a good compound for me...
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    First time injecting Test E -- currently on Dbol -- Any help appreciated :)

    I'd run the nolvadex 10mg per day, 20mg EOD just as preventative measure. 500mg test will be a nice addition. Pull the plunger back and pressurize the vial when you go to draw. I'd pin twice per week but you'd probably be fine once per week. I don't aspirate. I reccomend z tracking the...