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    AI dosing

    Curious to how everyone doses their AI here. Obviously bloodwork will dial it down but I’ve been seeing some people take theirs immediately after pinning. Some 9 hrs after, some the night before, etc. thoughts??
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    Any sources have domestic Caber??

    Need some Caber shipped domestically asap
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    Tejas cardinal

    First time ordering from this source. Snagged some accutane and Caber for my cycle. Packaging and T/A was amazing. However my Caber was supposed to be 20 tabs 1mg. I recieved 2tabs of 0.5mg. Needed emergency Caber for my tren blast. Highly discouraged especially as a first time experience...
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    Anyone on here can point me in the right direction for accutane?
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    Great product, took 50mg var pwo and the pumps were insane. Oils are made with mct and pin so smooth. Getting labs drawn soon after a few weeks of being on Viper Flex’s test C. Bought test c from another source and I definitely feel the difference a day after pinning. Don’t sleep on viper flex!
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    Ordered on a Friday… was on my doorstep by the Tuesday following. Great customer service and prompt communication. Great packaging and labeling, no residue on orals, oils pin smooth and pass the eye test.