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    Anyone have Experience with Qingdao Chemical Co LTD and or DCPharma?

    Anyone who has being around the meso thread has seen pictures of issues, but go off.
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    Most overrated and underrated compounds? Wanna hear your experiences.

    People don't have realistic expectations or even a good baseline knowledge of how GH works and what it actually does. For example just look how many people post about wanting to try a GH only "cycle" and get like 300ius, which is literally nothing lmao. Most underrated imo is TNE, if you can...
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    How much money would one save home brewing Primo?

    If it were me, I would wait to order until I can get a pretty decent stash, like 25g+ so you aren't risking ordering powders that will land you a intent to manufacture charge if you get caught with them for like one cycle worth of primo, but its personal preference and how much your wallet can...
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    How much money would one save home brewing Primo?

    Do you already have all the equipment and supplies? If yes, you're looking at between 30 and 50 per 200mg/ml 10ml vial you make yourself, depending on your raw cost. IF you don't have all the stuff, your first batch will probably be close to retail, but future batches will be less. It really...
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    Mitigating Carpel Tunnel With HGH?

    W What "brand" of GH is it (sorry if you mentioned already), some people's are real bad for me, and others aren't. TP's varies a little with batches but for the most part I don't get any sides so I've mostly stuck with that for years unless it's unavailable.
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    Thanks buddy. So inevitably, when soldiers find out someone is a doctor, or to your own medic if you're combat arms, its only a matter of time until one of them asks doc to look at "something" and it is literally always their dick/balls because they caught something from fucking a stripper. So...
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    You must have never been in the military, sit down.
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    [Source] >>>VIPER FLEX LABS<<<

    I doubt you'd sell much but a "OnlyPRs" PWO of TNE/TrNE/Halo/Cheque/MTren would make my peepee tingle Lower dose Accutane would be cool too, a lot of people have good luck micro dosing 5mg to 10mg ED indefinitely with no side effects.
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    Hey Doc can you look at this thing on my balls real quick? :ROFLMAO:
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    Blasting & cruising

    If a pro claims they aren't on test year round, they are absolutely lying to you imo. I know a couple pros, one who is incredibly gifted who basically runs 400/400 test/primo year round with low(ish) dose GH and adds 'slin and IGF1 when he's bulking, that's it besides some TNE/Drol pwo when I...
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    Mitigating Carpel Tunnel With HGH?

    This. Or thug it out and deal with it until you acclimate and it goes away (longest I ever had was like 6 weeks maybe?).
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    Need for AI on low dose of Test Cycle

    Entirely person dependent, also fatassedness dependent for the same person. Let your dose saturate and get an Ultrasensitive E2 test (important to get this one). Also don't "ramp up over a cycle" its a dumb waste of time and gear that doesn't do anything except steal gains from you.
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    Possible allergic reaction?!?!

    Did you order Ultrasensitive E2? If yes, what was the reading, if no, maybe do that. Even if previously you didn't have E2 issues, as you get older, your body can start deciding to do weird shit it didn't used to. I'm curious as to the source, I had a source on here break out my shoulders...
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    Am I doing something wrong here injections

    Please listen to this man, this is not something you want to play fuck around and find out with, we're talking a potentially life altering issue if its bad and you ignore it. If you're worried about telling the Dr. how you found out just say you were getting a B12 injection at a wellness clinic...
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    Anyone have Experience with Qingdao Chemical Co LTD and or DCPharma?

    QSC yes, DCP no. Not going to say too much but QSC involves a LOT of extra work if you want to inject safe gear, to the point where you're almost better off brewing yourself, I don't think any of my bros that have gotten oils from them have ever gotten a batch that didn't have floaters, water...
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    First cycle, 46 y/o. About a month left. PCT or blast and cruise?

    My thinking is, if you're gonna do another cycle, unless its going to be 12+ months from the end of this one, BnC may be a smarter option from a health standpoint. As someone also in my 40s, I don't think I would want to PCT ever again, even though I've done it many times in my life, because it...
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    Am I doing something wrong here injections

    lol I'm like 6'1, 280ish so they're big enough to comfortably take 2ml once a week each, 3ml they get a little tight so I try not to do that if I can help it.
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    What would be considered a super responder for 400mg test C?

    There isn't any medical set point as far as I've ever seen, I would say you'd need to see what elite level hyper responders test at (BB/PL/Strongman) vs dose, which would be some incredible data to map. Unfortunately I doubt you could get a statistically relevant sample size of them to tell you...
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    BioPharmaUSA - Test C 500mg / wk 1660 ng/dL 3.32x

    Thanks big guy
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    Axle labs - Tren Ace Roidtest - Pass

    I would be shocked if it did, since these are not accepted as accurate tests by anywhere respectable in the community.