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    ODIN LABS (10% OFF any order that's $400 or more)

    Is it accurate to say that ordering from a proton mail address is unsecure, as in unencrypted? Will you be getting a proton mail account in the future?
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    [SOURCE] PCT.ZONE - USA & UK DOM & INT - Pharma Grade - India Generic Pharma - BEST PRICE GUARANTEE

    Could you stock a couple of antibiotics in the US warehouse? Augmentin or Azithromycin maybe?
  3. S 🧬 SUPREME IS BACK - 290.4 IU - NO DIMER ⭐ 290 IU FOR $220 OR LESS 🧬 Most Affordable 🇺🇸 HGH 🧬 Every Batch Jano Tested! 🧬 Peptides

    Why would I be getting a 403 Access Denied screen when I try to go to the site? I never used to, and I‘ve always used the same VPN. Started maybe a week ago. Thanks.
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm - SOURCE REMOVED

    I was disappointed to learn that in stock on the website doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is in stock, so, like me, you may be waiting on him to brew a new batch of something that you thought was in stock when you ordered. I got a, “Should be ready and out ………” But who knows at...
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm - SOURCE REMOVED

    A friend says order 13433 must have fallen through the cracks. Perhaps you could review pending orders when emails get caught up? Thanks.
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    [Source] Hunter Pharm - SOURCE REMOVED

    Does this mean an order placed a week, or more, ago for in stock items, paid for immediately with payment confirmation received within 30 mins. should be shipping soon? Thanks.
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    [Source] ~HYPERTROPHY~ Now accepting XMR

    Are you still able to train hard when you are dry? Even a modest amount of Mast with Test and Deca piss my knees off. It’s even worse than Winstrol. Anyway, everything I’ve used from Hyper has been great also.
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    Opti - HGH / Somatropin ++ AAS oils ++ AAS tabs ++ MISC.

    I see The Provider is selling black tops with a yellow tint also. Care to elaborate on what Opti explained about the issue? Was there new testing on this batch?
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    Bought some Jintropin from Opti about 1.5 years ago and really liked it. Kits were 80 iu. I’ve been looking at acquiring some more, and I was hoping someone may have experience with a reputable source, domestic or international. Thanks!
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    Both tabs tested were from the same batch?
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    halo and anadrol

    I find Halo to be a very effective pre-workout. Anadrol just gives me a headache and sends my BP through the roof, even when splitting up dosages throughout the day. I’ve never gotten the pre-workout boost like I get from occasional Halo use. Halo is the only thing that has made me want to train...
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    Hostility towards testing?

    A few sources are now testing virtually every finished batch before they will even sell it, and some sources get angry if you ask about testing within the last year. Why should the consumer just trust they are getting what’s on the label? Food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies issue...
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    Wow, those quotes really got butchered. Does copy and paste not work here, or could you not find the quotes to fit your narrative? I would think that if tested raws were stored properly, used for multiple batches, and with the correct math equations, there would be batch to batch consistency...
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    Nice attempt at a straw man. Where exactly did I say you should test every batch every time? Where exactly did I comment on your hard work? Where exactly did I say you charge too much? Quote where I said you are high priced? You were closed for a month and came back with some new products...
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    You know, I made a factual statement and asked a legitimate question in a respectful manner. You, however, decided to go a different route and get defensive and make a lot of assumptions. I’ve ordered from you before, and my $50 vials of Test had stoppers that fell off the first time I used...
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    It seems like your prices for injectables are on the higher end of the spectrum. Do you have any recent testing, especially on things like blends and higher concentrations? $40 for things like Test I and Test A seems high to me, especially without testing.
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    [Source] MuscleCandy —

    Yeah. It’s O.K., but nothing like 10 mg of Halo pre-workout. I think I got mine from SRX when they were still around. Didn’t have testing done on it, but all their other tests came back accurate. Also, if I take a 50 mg tab of Tbol I can get bad back pumps, which didn’t occur with the...
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    USPS Question

    Thanks guys. I usually don’t check tracking, but this international pack is taking a while.
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    USPS Question

    Anyone know what a “Processing Exception Alert” means on USPS tracking?