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    Tejas cardinal

    It's kind of wild to see how this source handled this situation. Either way, appreicate you sharing your feedback @Swollypharma
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    High hematocrit (HCT) from primo e?

    @santaneedasucc Was there any specific reason they did not start you on that? I’m hoping to get that and ezetimbe. Would be disappointed if I didn’t get at least the telmisartan
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    High hematocrit (HCT) from primo e?

    @sbdman Thank you! When you get the script can you take it to your local pharmacy? Or do they send it out to you if approved?
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    High hematocrit (HCT) from primo e?

    @sbdman Also curious how to get the script for telmisartan?
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    Is there any downside to taking 20mg cialis daily?

    Over the last few days I have been trying to gather some information on cialis, and daily dosing, so I wanted to ask here and see what some of your opinions are. Do any of you take cialis daily? If so, how much, and have you had any negative health side effects related to it? Also, to your...
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    (floaters) Everyone please double check your gear from Colonial.

    I already made a post over on Meso, so I’m just going to copy and paste over here. This may be a little long, but I am going to try to make it as cohesive as possible. A few months ago after seeing all the source testing, and blind testing I placed my first order with Colonial. When it had...
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    Could you guys give me some advice on my blood work? I'd appreciate it

    So I just got my post-blast blood work back. It is 3 pages long. I blasted for about 17 weeks on Test, NPP, EQ @ 750/500/600. I have been cruising at 250mg test E, and this blood work is from 4 weeks after my blast. My liver enzymes are usually a little elevated, but never have they been this...
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    Can we have a topic where we talk about cruising protocols?

    I’m 6’5 currently about 260lbs. I have “cruised” on 250-300mg test almost every one of my cruises besides my very first one. For that I cruised on 200mg Test. I know some may not call the higher numbers a cruise, but I have found between 250-300mg a week I feel excellent, still make progress in...
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    Anyone here have any experience with Carditone or ReviveMD Blood pressure?

    Been on Carditone for a few months now, taking it x2 daily, it has helped keep my BP around 135/70 during this blast. Recently I have been seeing a lot about ReviveMDs blood pressure product and was wondering if any of you have tried either? If so, did one work better then the other?
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    What is your cruise like?

    I know quite a few of us blast and cruise here. I’m curious to know what some of your guys cruise is? Do you guys add other compounds like primo to a cruise, or just test? Anyone here cruise around 250-300mg test? If so, for how long and have you had any negative side effects?
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    Is there a certain way to get approved on the discord?

    I tried joining the discord a week or two ago, and I have been stuck in the waiting room since 😦 just curious if I’m suppose to keep waiting or is there something I should be doing to get approved?
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    To the guys who have run Anadrol before?

    Hey guys, jsut curious to any of you that have ran anadrol before, did you have any issue with gyno? On reddit, they say anadrol can cause non E related gyno, and to run Nolva or Ralox with it to prevent gyno?
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    Could you guys help out with a blood work question?

    I was wondering if you could take a look at my post cycle blood work and maybe make some suggestions on what I can do to increase my HDL Prior to these bloods I got bloods back in November and my liver enzymes were elevated, but my HDL cholesterol was around 44. Now my liver enzymes seem fine...
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    What are your thoughts on cruising on Test and Deca?

    I was watching Marc Lobliner most recent video where he discussed his TRT dr prescribing him 300mg Test and 300mg Deca as part of his HRT. While I know these doses are not typically HRT I was wondering would crusing at these dosages really be that detrimental for your health? I find it hard to...
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    Do any of you guys NOT follow time on=Time off?

    And have you had any health issues because of it? I like longer cycles and currently have been following something like a 16 weeks blast 12 week cruise. I’ve been getting blood work and monitoring my health and everything seems great so far. Just curious if anyone does something similar?